Between Us: Tools, People, and Environment

Exhibition walkthrough with guest curator Andrew McNeely:
May 2nd @ 11am
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Artist lecture by Don Edler:
May 30th @ 11am
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Although often overlooked, tools are integral to the lives we live. Our bodies have limits, those limits are subverted with tools. We pick up the stick to move the pebble closer, the arm could not reach through the fence. Tools not only help us move past our physical limits, they also push us past the barriers that exist between the environment and us. When hands cup water running out from the faucet we are able to drink it, but if we want to bring it to a friend, folded hands are only able to hold so much….it has to be carried with a tool, like a cup. The cup is a tool that maintains friends. The cup extends one’s relationship with our surrounding environment. This online exhibition presents the work of six artists who contemplate tools, play with tools, rest with tools and examine the world with tools. Don Edler’s Chablet is used to rest the body of the viewer who contemplates the anthropocentric tablet  – bringing body and tablet intellectually closer through the comfort it provides. Jennie E. Park’s Flight of the Feeler Gauge provides us with metaphoric liberation as we reimagine our bodies performing movements inspired by the feeler gauge. 

The relationship, admiration and need for, that these artists have to tools   impacts their bodies, environment and society.