Community Arts in the Park


Free, all ages 

Art in the Park 
5568 Via Marisol, LA, CA, 90042
next to the Art in the Park Building by the back tennis courts

Community Arts is back, 10am – 12 noon, September is for Puppets!!

Come create puppets in the park. This month we’ll be exploring hand puppets and shadow puppets.

September 10th and September 17th.  Blue Horse, Green Frog, Purple Cat……Hand Puppets!

We’ll create hand puppets. The hand puppet is worn on the hand by the puppeteer. The puppeteer’s hand is used to control the movement of the puppets.

For the younger artist we’ll be making simple but fun puppets using colorful paper and templates inspired by the the children’s book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See By Bill Martin and illustrated by Eric Carle.

For older artists that want to create a more involved hand puppet, we’ll build puppets using paper maché heads on a fabric body, inspired by animals and birds.

* Paper maché takes time to dry, and will take two to Saturdays to create a puppet with a paper maché head and cloth body.

– A puppet theater will be set up to explore puppetry through play.

September 24th Shadow Puppets

A shadow puppet is a two-dimensional puppet cut out from a flat material.  We will be creating our shadow puppets out of heavy paper stock and articulate the limbs with small brads.

For the younger artist we will have templates of animals and birds that can be traced onto card stock and cut out, decorated and attached to a large popsicle stick.

For our older artists we will be using heavy card stock to create more complex forms from  drawings. We will use brads to articulate movement and rods to hold the puppet up and move it.

-A puppet theater will be set up to explore story through play.

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