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 Since 1996 Art in the Park has provided arts and cultural programming to the community in Northeast Los Angeles.  Art in the Park engages the community by providing classes, workshops,  and performances conducted by local and visiting artists.


 Desde 1996, Art in the Park ha proporcionado programación artística y cultural a la comunidad en el noreste de Los Ángeles. Art in the Park involucra a la comunidad brindando clases, talleres y presentaciones dirigidas por artistas locales e invitados.


















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Workspace Only/No Overnights

March 3-9 2019 | Art in the Park

With the widespread phenomenon of the home studio; whether out of preference or necessity, Workspace Only/No Overnights presents recent works by artists currently employing aspects of the found object, accessible materials, and available/low tech applications within their practice towards generating art.

This communion with the available has led to the term DIY becoming nearly ubiquitous with a majority of arts practice and contemporary developments in dematerialization and notions of the post-studio. Utilizing expanded and accessible methods of distribution/receiving, conception, and autodidacticism via the internet the artist is continually working and preparing stages of work/development of said work in a variety of media. This advancement, paired against complications in economics and the general cost of living leading more artists to work out of their living spaces/live in their work spaces and/or utilizing found objects to compete with basic standards of living and expected artistic production. While steadily increasing, these complications have always existed and through these complications the usage of alternative/ communal spaces has been crucial in literally getting these works outside of the house.

Utilizing the communal space of art in the park, a site similar to a living space in appearance, Workspace Only/No Overnights actively demonstrates the role of art and community and the varying practices in the local communities of Los Angeles.

Carolina Hicks: Half-Gifts, February 2019 A.D. is a modular sculpture composed of found objects. The sculpture functions as a quick, dimensional poem about the interconnectedness of all Life (dead, present, and arriving) on Earth. Meditations on organic and synthesized Collapse; overwhelming Love and biophilia coexist with existential dread and misanthropy; grief and bliss at the same time. Fossil fuels, milk and blood, ideologic clots in the veins of Space/Time. Soundtrack by The Cocteau Twins and the sound of my own Heart breaking, expanding, and contracting.

Scott Lee: Rhythms of the Everyday/Seven and Thank you Susan! exist as sculptural works utilized through second hand and found materials. Though both works were made without the reliance of the other, the texts they each carry might suggest that they were. Through the application and reappropriation of graphics, the artist looks to the idea and awareness of time.

Jinseok Choi: Both I’m so lame and I’m down talk about the relationship of personal emotions to the human body through the use of life cast body parts, found furniture, and language. Found furniture amalgamated with life cast body parts looks like creatures that show the link between our bodies and our thoughts or mental states. Word play that is used in the sculptures also reveals how we use metaphors of the body to talk about emotions.

Adam Otto Lutz: A Pups Sanctuary (2019) explores the various dimensions of consumerism through the self examination of an object’s value in relation to a consumer’s want vs. need complex. With the use of accessible materials and amature technical skills, A Pups Sanctuary imitates an antique/boutique aesthetic to ridicule its own existence.

Alan S. Tofighi: Instrumental Decommission (Gutted Heap I) : The cycle Instrumental Decommission consists of discarded, repurposed, and reused objects from various points of disuse in Alan S. Tofighi’s practice. Originating as performances tools and often discovered/ repurposed from discarded sources to begin with, the objects are put into a second stage of disuse/removed use in the ontologically desirable state as an art object. A continual state of states.

Miguel Ayala: Where do the Birds Sleep at Night? is a collection of works inspired by elements of a fast paced cityscape that uses found objects like parking signs and used canvas to re-write a non-linear narrative that evokes daydreams/feelings of a ‘developing’ city into a visual children’s book like tale. The first thing that is seen when you walk outside the artists workplace is the First-Beverly Viaduct, a bridge bustling with movement, an in-between place, an intersection of diversity... impatient cars, endless construction sounds, street vendors and hidden there is a magic children’s marionette theatre working hard to stay afloat. The artist is interested in the accidental collisions of daily life that happen in the movement, the hustle of the workplace/outside, that in turn become part of the fabric of life, preserved in a tapestry.


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I’m Here, Dates : January 13 - 20, 2019
Reception: January 13, 2019 Time: 2pm-5pm

Snacktime, 2018 by  Tasha Bjelić

Snacktime, 2018 by Tasha Bjelić

Art in the Park presents, I’m Here.jpg

 Doll Making Workshop with Kayla Ephros January 2-4pm

The workshop is open to all age groups, and will provide basic materials (fabric, stuffing, sewing supplies) for a rag doll.

Cutting and Sewing instructions will be given as needed and sewing machines will be available to use.


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Community Band

Saturdays 10-12:30


Summer Concert Series

Art in the Park Summer Concert Series
Saturday June 23, July 28th and August 25th

4th Saturday of each month

Art in the Park will be hosting a summer concert series on the fourth Saturday of June, July and August. Please come out.  All concerts are free and open to the public.

Support for Art in the Park Summer Concert Series provided by:
The Hermon Neighborhood Council, The Department of Cultural Affairs and Character Projects

**Our building is located in front of the back tennis courts, inside Hermon Park. Enter Park on Via Marisol and we are about 3/4 of the way into the park, visible from the parking lot. Look for the 'Art in the Park' sign.




Jeff Parker

Prolific guitarist and composer Jeff Parker is known both for his work with bands like Tortoise, Isotope 217 and Chicago Underground Orchestra as well as his remarkable versatility and countless collaborations with artists across genres. A fixture for many years in Chicago's creative music community before moving to LA, when he's not touring internationally or recording he can be found playing in a broad variety of musical settings.

Pegasus Warning

Pegasus Warning is the solo project of Guillermo E. Brown, a multi-disciplinary performer who's soulful music mixes broken electronics, strange textures and pulsing rhythms. Also an acclaimed jazz percussionist, he's collaborated with artists as diverse as Mathew Shipp, Saul Williams, DJ Spooky, Arto Lindsay, Busdriver, Anthony Braxton and many others, and plays drums in Reggie Watt's band Karen.





Very Be Careful A Caribbean soul and a California heart have sustained cumbia vallenatos Very be Careful for over two decades.  Colombian vallenato music is a traditional cumbia sound that centers around the accordion, backed with percussion and bass. The group was started in 1997 in Los Angeles by accordionist Ricardo"Ricky G" Guzman and his bass playing brother Arturo "Brickems" Guzman. They were soon joined by Richard "Mil Caras" Panta on Caja Vallenata, Craig "Peabody" Martín on Guacharaca and Dante "The Rip" Ruiz on Cowbell.  VBC will have copies of their brand new record Daisy's Beauty Salon on hand.  Get ready to boogie to the Colombian coastal beat. 

LA Fog is an experimental chamber music ensemble composed of woodwinds and strings —with Kelly Coats on flute, Kathleen Kim on violin, Giles Miller on baritone saxophone andJonathan Silberman on tenor saxophone.  LA Fog brings these instruments to the center of the creative process of composing, orchestrating and performing new music. All four members compose music for the group to play, often including structures for improvisation along with traditional and nontraditional scores.  Their unique sound is informed by diverse sources of inspiration, including jazz, world, funk, western classical, boogie woogie, pop and other musical forms.






Lori Goldston is a cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher from Seattle, WA. Her skill as a cellist, amplified or acoustic, is full, textured, committed and original. A relentless inquirer, she wanders recklessly across borders that separate genre, discipline, time and geography, performing in clubs, cafes, galleries, concert halls, sheds, ceremonies, barbecues, and stadiums.

Current and former collaborators include Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, Jessika Kenney, Ilan Volkov, Eyvind Kang, Stuart Dempster, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Jherek Bischoff, Malcom Goldstein, Matana Roberts, Dana Reason, Lonnie Holley, Cat Power and many others.

Her work has been commissioned and performed at the Kennedy Center, Frye Art Museum, Portland’s Time Based Art Festival (TBA), WNYC, The New Foundation, Northwest Film Forum, On the Boards, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Crossing Border Festival, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Joe’s Pub, the Stone, Wayward Music Series, Oregon State University, Northwest Folklife, University of Chicago Film Studies Center, One Reel Film Festival and throughout the U.S. and Europe. She has received awards from Meet the Composer, Artist Trust, 4 Culture and Seattle Arts Commission. She has also taught at the University of Washington, EMP, Idyllwild Arts Academy, the Vera Project and the Bush School.


Jessika Kenney is an award-winning vocalist and composer working for the last 25 years in realms of the subtle melody, with attention to raw levels of sound. Kenney's music can be heard on Ideologic Organ, Black Truffle, Weyrd Son, SIGE, Blind Stone, and other labels. She has performed her own compositions and those of many colleagues, as well as music of Cage, Feldman, Scelsi, Powell, Trimpin, Omoumi, and Sawai, informed by the atmospheres and techniques absorbed through the practice of Javanese sindhenan and Persian radifs.  Her involvements in noise, metal, electronic music and minimalism arise out of her Spokane punk origins and her insights into trans-disciplinary ways of knowing music and performance. Her 2015 gamelan-based OPERATE "ATRIA" was released alongside a large-scale, site-specific and interactive sound, calligraphic score, sculpture, and video installation filling five rooms at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.

As a teacher, Kenney invigorates the voice as a means of embodying translation, philosophy, spiritual practice, community, and poetics, as well as encouraging compositional techniques drawn on the plurality within the single voice. Kenney taught from 2007-2015 at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She studied sindhenan with Ibu Hj. Supadmi, alm. in '97, '99, and 2000, and is a current student of Ostad Hossein Omoumi (UC Irvine), with whom she often performs and records ('Voices of Spring' 2007). Her awards include the James Ray Distinguished Artist Award in 2015 and the Lionel Hampton Festival Best Jazz Vocalist Award in 1992.


Eyvind Kang is a composer, violinist and conductor who has has released many acclaimed albums on labels such as Tzadik, Ipecac, Abduction and Ideologic Organ, as well as worked on hundreds of recordings as an instrumentalist and arranger. His compositions have been played by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Winnipeg Symphony, the Seattle Chamber Players, MG_INC Orchestra, Coro di Camera di Modena, Orchestra del Teatro Communale di Bologna, and the Israeli Contemporary Players, among other ensembles. As a violinist he has been featured by a wide range of independent musicians including Bill Frisell, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, the Sun City Girls, and Secret Chiefs.  Kang has also performed solo pieces by Christian Wolff, Giacinto Scelsi, Ornette Coleman, Satyajit Ray, and Hanne Darboven. His ongoing, genre defying collaboration with composer and singer Jessika Kenney has been described as "serious, refined music"  (The New York Times), taking the form of sound actions and installations, choral and orchestral works, and minimalist vocal and string arrangement, with two releases on Ideologic Organ (2011, 2013) curated by Stephen O'Malley. He has studied North Indian Classical music under Dr. N. Rajam, and is currently a long time student of Classical Persian Music under Ostad Hossein Omoumi, with whom he has also performed and collaborated. His other principal teachers have been Julian Priester, Michael White, Jarrad Powell and Janice Giteck at Cornish College of the Arts, and Dr. Regula Qureshi at the University of Alberta. He was the recipient of the Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award in 2011.



Serie de Conciertos de Verano

Serie de Conciertos de Verano Art in the Park
Sábado 23 de junio, 28 de julio y 25 de agosto
4º sábado de cada mes

Art in the Park ofrecerá una serie de conciertos durante el verano cada cuarto sábado de junio, julio y agosto. ¡Acompañenos! Todos los conciertos son gratis y abiertos a todo el público.

Apoyo para la serie de conciertos de verano en Art in the Park por:
El Consejo Vecinal Hermon, Department of Cultural Affairs y Character Projects.

*El edificio esta ubicado frente a las canchas de tenis traseras








Jeff Parker

Guitarrista y compositor prolífico Jeff Parker es conocido por su trabajo en bandas como Tortoise, Isotope 217 y Chicago Underground Orchestra así como por su versatilidad extraordinaria en numerosas colaboraciones a través de varios géneros artísticos. Por años fue una figura constante en la comunidad musical de Chicago antes de mudarse a Los Angeles. Cuando no anda de gira internacionalmente o grabando, se ocupa tocando en diversos ambientes musicales.

Pegasus Warning

Pegasus Warning es el proyecto en solitario de Guillermo E. Brown, intérprete multidisciplinario cuyo música conmovedora mezcla electronicos descompuestos, texturas extrañas y ritmos pulsantes. Aclamado percusionista de jazz, a colaborado con diversos artistas como Matthew Shipp, Saul Williams, DJ Spooky, Arto Lindsay, Busdriver, Anthony Braxton entre muchos mas. Actualmente es baterista en el grupo Karen, de Reggie Watts.




VERY BE CAREFUL Con espiritu caribeño y un corazon californiano Very Be Careful ha sostenido el sonido de cumbia y vallenato  por mas de dos decadas. La musica vallenata Colombiana es una forma tradicional Afro-Caribeña a raiz del acordeon respaldada de percusion y bajo. El conjunto se formo en 1997 en Los Angeles por el acordeonero Ricardo “Ricky G” Guzman y su hermano el bajista Arturo “Brickems” Guzman. Rapidamente fueron acompañados por Richard “Mil Caras” Panta en la caja vallenata, Craig “Peabody” Martin en la guacharaca y Dante “The Rip” Ruiz en la campana. VBC tendra a la venta su nuevo disco Daisy’s Beauty Salon. Preparence para bailar al ritmo costeño Colombiano.

LA Fog es un conjunto de música de cámara experimental compuesto de instrumentos de viento de madera y cuerdas. Kelly Coats  toca flauta, Kathleen Kim el violin, Giles Miller en el barítono saxo y Jonathan Silberman el saxo tenor. LA Fog funde a través de estos instrumentos centrales un proceso único de componer, orquestar y tocar nueva música. Cada integrante compone música para el grupo, incluyendo estructuras para improvisación, partituras tradicionales y experimentales. Su sonido unico se inspira en lo diverso, incluyendo el jazz, lo global, funk, classico occidental, boogie woogie,y el pop entre otras formas musicales.





Lori Goldston es violonchelista, compositora, improvisadora, productora, escritora y profesora de Seattle, WA. Su habilidad como violonchelista, amplificada o acústica, es texturizada, comprometida y original. Implacable investigadora, recorre imprudentemente fronteras que separan el género, la disciplina, el tiempo y la geografía, presentandoce en clubs, cafés, galerías, salas de conciertos, cobertizos, ceremonias, barbacoas y estadios. La lista de colaboradores anteriores incluyen Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, Jessika Kenney, Ilan Volkov, Eyvind Kang, Stuart Dempster, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Jherek Bischoff, Malcom Goldstein, Matana Roberts, Dana Reason, Lonnie Holley, Cat Power y muchos otros. Su trabajo ha sido realizado en el Kennedy Center, el Frye Art Museum, el Time Based Art Festival de Portland (TBA), WNYC, The New Foundation, el Northwest Film Forum, On the Boards, el Festival Internacional de Cine de Seattle, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Crossing Border Festival, Museo de Bellas Artes de Boston, Joe's Pub, Stone, Wayward Music Series, Oregon State University, Northwest Folklife, Universidad de Chicago Film Studies Center, One Reel Film Festival y en todo Estados Unidos y Europa. Ha recibido premios de Meet the Composer, Artist Trust, 4 Culture y Seattle Arts Commission Tambien ha enseñado en la Universidad de Washington, EMP, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Vera Project y la Escuela Bush.


Jessika Kenney es una cantante y compositora galardonada que trabajó durante los últimos 25 años en el ambito de la melodía sutil, prestando atención a los niveles básicos de sonido. La música de Kenney se puede escuchar en Ideologic Organ, Black Truffle, Weyrd Son, SIGE, Blind Stone y otras etiquetas discograficas. Ha interpretado sus propias composiciones y las de muchos colegas, así como música de Cage, Feldman, Scelsi, Powell, Trimpin, Omoumi y Sawai, informadas por las atmósferas y las técnicas absorbidas a través de la práctica del sindhenán de Java y los radios persas. Su participacion en el ruido, el metal, la música electrónica y el minimalismo surgen de sus orígenes del punk de Spokane y sus ideas sobre las formas transdisciplinarias de conocer la música y el performance. Su LP de 2015 basado en gamelan "ATRIA" fue lanzado junto a una instalacion de gran escala in situ usando sonido interactivo, partitura musical caligráfica, escultura e instalación de video llenando cinco salas en el Museo de Arte Frye en Seattle. Como maestra, Kenney vigoriza la voz como un medio para incorporar la traducción, la filosofía, la práctica espiritual, la comunidad y la poesía, y alienta las técnicas de composición basadas en la pluralidad dentro de una voz singular. Kenney enseñó desde 2007 hasta 2015 en el Cornish College of the Arts en Seattle. Ella estudió el sindhenan con Ibu Hj. Supadmi, alm. en '97, '99 y 2000, y es estudiante actual de Ostad Hossein Omoumi (UC Irvine), con quien a menudo interpreta y graba ('Voices of Spring' 2007). Sus premios incluyen el Premio al Artista Distinguido James Ray en 2015 y el Premio al Mejor Vocalista de Jazz del Festival de Lionel Hampton en 1992.


Eyvind Kang es un compositor, violista y director de orquesta que ha lanzado numerosos álbumes aclamados con etiquetas como Tzadik, Ipecac, Abduction y Ideologic Organ. Tambien ha trabajado en cientos de grabaciones como instrumentista y arreglista. Sus composiciones han sido interpretadas por la Iceland Symphony Orchestra, la Winnipeg Symphony, los Seattle Chamber Players, la MG_INC Orchestra, Coro di Camera di Modena, la Orquesta del Teatro Communale di Bologna y los Contemporary Contemporary Players, entre otros conjuntos. Como violinista, ha hecho aparencias estelares con una amplia gama de músicos independientes, incluyendo Bill Frisell, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, Sun City Girls y Secret Chiefs. Kang también ha interpretado piezas solistas de Christian Wolff, Giacinto Scelsi, Ornette Coleman, Satyajit Ray y Hanne Darboven. Su constante y desafiante colaboración con la compositora y cantante Jessika Kenney ha sido descrita como "música seria y refinada" (The New York Times), adoptando la forma de acciones e instalaciones sonoras, obras corales y orquestales, y arreglos vocales y de cuerdas minimalistas y con dos lanzamientos en Ideologic Organ (2011, 2013) comisariada por Stephen O'Malley.
Ha estudiado música clásica del norte de la India bajo el Dr. N. Rajam, y actualmente es alumno de la música persa clásica bajo Ostad Hossein Omoumi, con quien también ha actuado y colaborado. Sus otros maestros principales han sido Julián Priester, Michael White, Jarrad Powell y Janice Giteck en el Cornish College of the Arts, y el Dr. Regula Qureshi en la Universidad de Alberta. Recibió el premio Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award en 2011.


plantsssssssssssssssssssss :

planthood magic & sway on display for your adoration and consideration purposes

dates : august 18th -25th, 2018
reception: august 18th , 2018 time: 2pm-5pm

yasmine diaz
kiyomi fukui
gloria galvez
melanie griffin
paradise khanmalek
michael nannery
joanna swan
martin velez

plantsssssssssssssssssssss is a group exhibit turning
eyes to - and - hands to - placing on a pedestal - a plant narrative and plant agency, especially that which they exert over humans.

plant idolization is subversion of a status quo narrative that dominates plants and renders them inert, invisible and potentially extinct (consequently to the demise of the humans themselves). in response to these insensitive green tendencies of people, the works in this exhibit poetically invoke and honor planthood as a self-determined vibrant presence that exerts an aura and power over humans.


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