Cedric Tai

“Drawing Machine” is a contraption/installation-maker that makes a Spirograph-like pattern at the perimeter of an exhibition space. As a converted bike-tire with plastic cones (like the kind in the selling of flowers) rides along the perimeter of room, along windows & doors, on a faux wood trim track, electric toothbrushes shake out and drop sawdust collected from my studio after the fabrication of other wood items in the show.

Cedric Tai, born in Detroit (1985), has an Art Education degree & BFA from Michigan State University (2007), and an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art (2013). Tai is an un-disciplinary artist and neurodivergent educator who thinks through sculpture, talking, writing, performance and experimental exhibitions. They make friends and art between Los Angeles, Detroit, Mexico City and Glasgow. She hopes that the work tickles, cajoles, and inspires people to consider their fears, limits and individual aspirations with curiosity. Their artwork has been described as ‘Pathologically Curious’, a lovely, tender way of describing their neuro-divergent ADHD. Awards include a 2009 Kresge Artist Fellowship in the Visual Arts, a 2015 Knight Foundation Challenge Grant, a 2016 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship and upcoming artist-in-residencies at Sante Fe Art Institute, NM and Sculpture Space, Utica, NY.

Ongoing passion projects include ‘Canela Art Gallery’ (CDMX), ‘Over Over Over’ (Detroit/Glasgow), SolidarityClub.org, MakeBrixels.com, and AnyonesIdea.com